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Now offering Skype Training!

Previously a blogger for BodyRock.TV which is an online fitness company with over 1 million followers.

Creating  My 7 DAY WEIGHT LOSS DIET PLAN  (SEE MENU) to inspire and help others, and watching my clients transform is what I love about my job.


I am NOT formerly athletic…in fact, my favorite sport growing up was eating and being a couch potato…and exercise?

It was simply out of the question, but one day I wanted to see who I really was and so began my transformation.

Personal Training Sessions

I train clients in their home or building gym, at Bental Athletic club and via Skype.


“Hey Angela! I just checked the scale and I am down 8lbs in 4 weeks! Not bad! Thank you for all your diet coaching help. I can’t believe how much has changed in so little time and I feel great!” – Doug

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My passion for fitness began over 20 years ago when I was struggling weight & health issues most of my adolescent life. 

When I finally reached over 185 lbs. and was hiding my body behind oversized baggy clothes… I realized I had to do something and change my life.

As emotional and painful as it was at the time there was no other choice

I also Never could have imagined my body becoming trim and fit, but still without hestitation, I began training myself.

Using various low impact workout videos and jogging on the spot, eventually jogging outside (I hated jogging!) one block at a time…

later, I learned weight training, combined them both, and finally, I lost 50lbs! 4 years later because I had no idea what I was doing when I started, (I wish I had a trainer!) but I was committed & I was going do it on my own. 


I embraced Fitness wholeheartedly from that moment on and today I love running, weight training, and core & cardio conditioning…it’s amazing how things can change!!

beforeMe at age 18. I just lost 20 pounds!

There is never a perfect time to start your transformation because there will always be a reason not to begin. This ‘supposed’ PERFECT moment is the TRAP.

One of my favorite quotes…

“Start Where You Are, With What You Have, Where You Are Presently At”


fitnesspark9I experienced from Martial Arts that disipline, focus, and attention, is critical to achieving results.

Training for me is mental, and aesthetics is what happens after, it’s a side effect of dedication.

As important as exercise is on the road to weight loss, I learned quickly that nutrition is just as important. My passion and commitment to becoming healthy early on lead me to working in a health food store, at the age of 18, for several years. I wanted to learn as much as I could about health and healing and today I am happy to share what has helped me with other people.

The best part of my job is seeing my clients transform not only on the outside, but on the inside and this includes increased energy, stamina, inner confidence, and new healthful eating patterns, habits and exercise routines that they will have for themselves always.

It was after I had lost 50lbs, that I decided to take a Mixed Martial Arts class at a local gym, it was something I had always wanted to do  and finally, I was ready. 

I dedicated the next 10 years to training full time Mixed Martial Arts. My broad spectrum of MMA training included Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do, Filipino Kali, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. This intense training included boxing, kickboxing, kali weapons, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, as well as Wing Chun. I became an instructor and a coach and have taught privately and in group sessions.  

Royler Gracie comes all the way from Brazil to do a seminar at the Martial Arts School I trained and taught at (Creative Fighter’s Guild) That’s me in the article.

“Attaining a Blue Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and training with Royler Gracie &  “Megaton” Wellington Diaz were inspiring moments.”

“Martial Arts has laid an awesome foundation for me on many levels and I enjoy being able to pass that on to my clients in a way that fits them & their individual goals. Translating the training principles of discipline, focus, and self – awareness to an enhanced level of fitness.”


I experienced from Martial Arts that disipline, focus, and attention, is critical to achieving results. Training for me is mental, and aesthetics is what happens after, it’s a side effect of dedication. So if you have an hour, a half hour, 2-4 times a week to exercise, be dedicated and committed to that time, and I guarantee you will get results!

Certifications and Education 429882_10151250101855368_1787022164_n  

  • BCRPA Certified Personal Trainer
  • Completing a Diploma in Holistic Nutrition/Alive Academy
  • I’m a Blogger for the online fitness company BodyRock.TV Based in Los Angeles BodyRock has over a million followers and has been featured in many of the popular fitness magazines including Shape, Muscle and Fitness, and Fitness RX.
  • Instructor in Mixed Martial Arts. (10+years)
  • Blue Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
  • Fitness Figure Competitor (Placing Top 5)
  • Bikini Competitor WBFF 2010
  • Nutritional Sciences Certificate – Alive Academy
  • Fundamentals in Natural Health – Alive Academy
  • CPR First Aid Level C AED


**Featured Articles I was in…

 Oxygen Fitness Magazine (June & October 2009 Issues)Oxygen Magazine June 2009Oxygen Magazine October 2009

***Featured feedback comment in Shape Magazine April 2011Shape Magazine April 2011

** Seeing Brooke Burke on your cover reinforces the fact that age is absolutely no barrier to being fit, healthy, and strong. As a personal trainer, I make it a point to read magazines that inspire and educate my clients and myself. SHAPE does exactly that. Keep up the good work!

Angela Sasso,  British Columbia, Canada

***Below is a Blog that was written about me

from the Alive Health Center, they have 35 stores in Canada!

They offer great supplements at excellent prices!

 Vancouver Personal Trainer: Angela Sasso Gets YOU Results!  

Angela Sasso is your gal if you need that extra push for losing weight.  She is not only qualified as a personal trainer, but she has extensive experience in the field and she is a shinning example of what dedication and hard work looks like. 

She takes care of herself first and this gives her the ability to get others on a healthy path as well.  A couple of years ago I also was Angela Sasso’s client.  My goal was to become stronger before I became pregnant.  I wanted to lose fat and gain muscle to make my body run more efficiently.  I completed this goal, became pregnant and now I have a beautiful 8 month old girl at home!! 

With Angela, I learned what exercises worked for my body and I learned what I could manage for my life.  Also, she keeps your work-out talored for YOU.  If your a single mom, she keeps this in mind, if you are a social person, or if you prefer to work out at home… she keeps all of these things in mind. 

She has a lovely personality as well which is extremely important.  NOW, while she may be nice, she’s tough!!  BUT she makes it fun and enjoyable while she gets YOU results!!  

Benefits of a Personal Trainer:  

  • Commitment! 
  • Keeps you accountable.  
  • See results faster than if working out on your own.  
  • You push yourself harder because someone is there pushing you a long.
  • Helpful in transforming your whole life style for example, nutrition and fitness.  
  • Helps you learn about yourself.  Client Successes within an 6-8 week period include:
  • Weight losses of 5-17 lbs
  • Body Fat Reduction
  • Inches lost 5-17
  • RCMP PARE Test conditioning & preparation with successful passing time.
  • Increased Confidence, Energy, Stamina & Performance
  • Healthy New Life Changing Lifestyle Habits . 

(Also see Testimonials page )

***Specializing in weight loss, fat loss, core conditioning, & getting you overall fit! Whether you are looking for long lean muscles or a more sculpted look I will help you reach your goals!

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