Hi, I’m Angela! 

Welcome to my 7 Day Slimming Beauty Diet Plan!

 Are you ready to lose 4-7 Lbs. in 7 Days? In a Healthy, Easy way….where you will not have to count calories?

Are you tired of dealing with acne and dreaming of blemish-free Radiant Skin?

Are you wanting to once and for all get rid of frustrating and uncomfortable bloating and finally say goodbye to dreaded belly fat?

Are you looking for a way to delay the signs of aging skin? And even have voluminous glowing skin?

If you are, then let me help you and show you a ‘formula’ that is designed with your Best Beautiful Self in mind.

Don’t make the same mistake I did and try to do this by yourself because otherwise it may take you forever.


My Before and After

       AGE 18             AGE 40



Trust me, I know this journey well!

I mean I have struggled with delicate balance of being slim, fit, and healthy while keeping myself energized and youthful!

And Having lost over 50 lbs. myself, I am happy to take the guess work out your weight loss journey for you!

So let me help you achieve your Weight Loss Goals TODAY!

 Who am I?


 I’m a Personal Trainer, health and weight loss coach, former practitioner and teacher in Mixed Martial Arts, and Fitness Competitor in both Fitness Figure and Bikini divisions. I am also a fitness Blogger on BodyRock.TV’s popular Website The Daily Hiit. 


      My philosophy?

                                    Weight Loss & Vitality

                                         is Created By


I think it’s a woman’s birthright to feel beautiful inside out. Let’s be honest, the truth is, when you feel good inside it enhances the quality of your life.

I also feel that weight loss and beauty is a natural side effect of eating the right foods.   

And I also believe that Weight Loss and Beauty should be Simple and should be Delicious!

Which is why I wrote a Holistic Plan for Lasting Weight Loss while enhancing your Radiant Beautiful Self starting from the Inside Out!

Sharing the ‘Formula’ and recipes that have worked for me and my clients and continued to help us KEEP the weight off while enjoying the foods we Love! 




 This is a fast track formula designed for weight loss success!

Everyone that has followed this plan has literally lost between 4-7 lbs. in one week!

The plan is also designed to enhance your beauty from the Inside Out…and so I’ve put together a   

        Beauty Bonus Recipe Guide!                                 

PBK2Render (1)


The Beauty Bonus Recipe Guide is designed for weight loss and radiant beauty!

**AND it also includes a list of my Top 5 Food Supplements that are going to give you the very best results for Both beauty and lasting weight loss, these supplements are the Secrets that have always worked for me!

Plus I include a few other amazing ingredients that are natural, inexpensive and sure to get your body feeling and looking it’s very best!

If you are wanting blemish free skin, wrinkle free skin, collagen boosting foods and superfoods can make all the difference!

If you are wanting your hair to grow strong and silky, eating certain foods will surely help you!

 If you are tired of being bloated all the time, this plan is going  to help you!

2 E-Books with a complete 7 Day Menu Plan


The plan is easy to follow and holistic…meaning I use all natural easy to use ingredients that are also cost friendly :)

Many people that have followed the 7 day plan have continued to lose weight because they really understand how to put the right foods together for not only fat loss, but for becoming radiant inside out.

I also know first hand, that crash dieting can really wreak havoc on skin, hair, nail, eye area….and so on, so all the information in the E-Books promotes foods that are anti-aging and that boost your natural beauty within.

 My clients have had excellent results on the Plan and return to the ‘formula’ when they get off track :)

The Plan also includes a Complete Grocery List and 2 at-home Fat Burning Workouts to accelerate your results, and a Measurement Guide to Track your progress throughout the week!


Love Ice Cream??

I know I do, but eating ice cream over the Summer is a sure way to add extra unwanted weight to your body fast….

In the Fat Loss Plans I have many Delicious Shake Recipes, like the one below.. that taste Amazing and are low in calories and so good for your health!

It’s about creating New Habits and learning that you don’t have to deprive your taste buds in order to lose weight!!




Having lost over 50 lbs. myself, I am happy to take the guess work out your weight loss journey for you!

Let me help you achieve your Weight Loss Goals TODAY!

This is me at age 18. I was over 160 lbs…but I was so happy in my curvy new body because I had just lost 20lbs! As you may have read in my Biography, it took me over 4 years to lose 50 lbs.

bikiniwbff8THE DIET PLAN I use when I get ready for a photo shoot and when I competed in 2 Fitness Competitions…Fitness Figure & Bikini Divisions.

 This plan will transform your body, boost your metabolism, help you burn fat, and help you cultivate new habits that will allow you to KEEP the weight off.

 Sharing what has worked wonders for me and I’ve seen first hand work wonders with my clients, I feel strongly that this plan will get you unstuck in your own journey towards weight loss, beauty, and health.

 To purchase this plan with the bonus recipes and list of slimming beauty ingredients click the Link below…

                      I Believe in My Program,
So You Also Get a Money Back 30 Day Guarantee!


If for any reason you are not happy with the program, and you don’t look and feel slimmer and healthier, simply let me know within 30 days, and I’ll refund your entire purchase.

To purchase the Diet Plans see the Link below. I use Paypal because your information is kept private.


         Look and Feel your Very Best from the

                   Inside Out, starting today.


                               You deserve it! 


  • The cost of having me as your holistic health and weight loss coach is an average of $300.

  • The cost of having me as your personal trainer is $100 per session.

  • The value of losing weight and experiencing a Healthy, Beautiful, Radiant you is Priceless.

But don’t worry you won’t have to pay a fraction of those prices, one of the main reasons I put this plan together is to reach out and make it affordable to everyone because I believe Everyone deserves to achieve their weight loss goals and be healthy and beautiful inside and out.


So I’m selling my 7 Day Weight Loss Formula with my Beauty Bonus Recipe Guide for   



So, Get Ready because a positive shift is

                about to happen! 

        Now is the time, and today is the day!

                 Change your life starting today!


   To Start Your Plan Click HERE!!

And oh! this plan is also great if you are a Bride to Be! Or you need to Slim down for an Upcoming Photo Shoot, Wedding, Special Vacation or Occasion


  • Average weight lost in this week is 4-7 lbs!

  • Includes a Measurement Guide! To track your progress!

  • Plus 2 Fat-Burning at home workouts!

          Focusing on Beauty from the Inside Out!

Both books include recipes to not only help you Lose weight, but promote Optimal Health, Vitality, and Wellness

                 Radiance starts from within…

If you want glowing skin, strong shiny hair and strong nails, better sleep, more natural energy & vitality, and natural weight loss…

you’ll need to start feeding your body with super nutrient dense foods. Feed your body at the cellular level and assist your organs in natural detoxification and the weight will come off naturally, plus your hair will be thick, shiny and full, and your skin will become blemish free and glowing.

Sample Excerpts of The E-Books…



To Start Your Plan Today Click HERE!!

I was featured in SHAPE MAGAZINE & OXYGEN MAGAZINE 2009/2010/2011

magazin 2magazine 1magazine 3

Royler Gracie comes all the way from Brazil to do a seminar at the Martial Arts School I trained and taught at.

Royler Gracie comes all the way from Brazil to do a seminar at the Martial Arts School I trained and taught at. (That’s me in the photo :)


DSC07146I am also a regular Fitness Blogger on BodyRock.TV’s website http://dailyhiit.com/

Click these Links to check out my latest BLOGS on BodyRock.TV’s Website… The DailyHIIT….


NEW! June/14

 499x319xtumblr_myt96njwpS1rmpf5xo1_500_png_pagespeed_ic_VTvyHZmIFh  7 EXERCISES TO A KILLER BIKINI BODY

NEW! June/14




buttlift5My 8 Week Butt Transformation….subscribe to my YouTube Channel for Free Butt Lifting workouts!

Angela Sasso YouTube Channel



7 DAY SLIMDOWN PLAN Testimonials…

  Thanks Angela! Your 7 day weight loss plan works!!I had been meaning to do it for awhile… then I found out I had to model bikini’s in a charity fashion show… with 2.5 weeks notice – ACCKKK! Nothing like that kind of motivation ha ha! I lost 5 lbs in 1… week. Then I kept going with the diet plan, kept away from caffeine and alcohol for another week and lost another 2 lbs. My energy is up, I feel great, and I was working out everyday. I have low blood sugar so this worked for me since I could still eat so much. Amazing when you put your mind to doing something what can be accomplished in a VERY short time!!!  :) -Angela Case    Weight Loss Diet Plan!! $9.99!

“Hi Angela!  I just finished the 7 Day Weight Loss Plan & I lost 4 pounds!!  I think I will use this plan as a guide for Monday to Fridays.  Great recipes! I love the smoothies & all the raw veggies :)  I also love the walk/lunge workout I can do with my dog!”   Thanks!!   -Lori Kamryn

Look & Feel Your Very Best from the Inside OUT! You deserve it!  Start Today! Weight Loss Diet Plan!!

sarah3sarah2LINDSAY1Lindsay After

Subscribe to my YouTube Channel for Effective Fat Loss Workouts

Give This Workout a Try!! “ITTY BITTY BIKINI AB WORKOUT!”

If you are tired of being stuck and can’t seem to shed the last 5-10 pounds try this plan, it works! 

What you eat is the secret to Fat Burning or Fat Storing, if you are not eating the right foods you will be sabotaging your fat loss success.

Learn the right way to lose weight by eating natural nutrient dense foods that help balance your hormones, stabilize blood sugar, and energy levels…and finally have lasting Fat Loss!

   YOUTUBE100   A Complete Menu Plan….Because Losing Weight should Taste GOOD!!

Delicious Shake Recipes!! Low in calories, yet high in nutrition, Amazing in Taste & perfect for Weight Loss!!

Shake Recipes with a Crunch!



Vegan Stuffed Mshroom Caps with Kale!

Vegan Stuffed Mshroom Caps with Kale!




A Superfood Power Combo! Ridiculously low calories, but tons of flavor!! I LOVE these Stuffed Mushrooms!!


My mom and I, she’s an amazing cook!


Delicious Pancakes! Low carb & low calories! Many varieties too! Banana Nut, Berry, Pumpkin, Squash.


goddess4I have also included Delicious & Nutritious Dips to help you eat more water-rich veggies!

Beauty Starts from Within… Food can be your medicine & Taste Great too!

  • Includes my Top 5 Fat Loss food supplements!
  • Promoting Longevity, Youthfulness, Natural Energy, & Vitality!

Just as I strongly feel that an excellent training program can transform your body, a healthy eating plan will also transform your eating habits & food choices and give you the tools you need to always stay on track!! I am certain that once you complete the 7 days you will have healthful tools that you will have for yourself always! This, to me, is empowering!

     Age 18, after I lost 20 lbs                   Fitness Competition 2010
During so many training sessions, and through email, and text messaging, I discuss  food, and what the best diet is for weight loss…I try my best to give my clients the healthiest choices for the best results, but because the information comes in bits here and there it is sometimes difficult to retain the information. This menu plan is designed to compliment your current training regime and accelerate your weight loss results, with 172 pages of recipes, nutritional tips, plus bonus workouts! I have included many pictures in these books as well!! :)
“Angela is not just about losing weight, but also nourishing the body to run efficiently. I realize that there are thousands out there and you may feel like you have tried them all, but when I saw hers, I got excited because it is unique! She has designed this is such a way that EVERYONE can do it, and everyone can follow it.  As an example, Angela has nt just given you a bunch of recipes that say day one, eat this, day two eat that, she also has broken down for you your grocery shopping list so you know what you need to purchase.  Everything is layed out and made easy for even the most busy person you know.  I am on the same page as Angela, we want to see the world become a healthier place.  Take charge of your health!”
Shannon Chung Blog: http://www.alivehealthblog.com




About Angela Sasso

My passion for fitness began over 15 years ago when I was struggling with weight & health issues most of my adolescent life. I remember when I reached over 185lbs, I had had enough, & had to make some big changes!! I trained myself and lost 50lbs...mind you, it took nearly 4 years to do it because I had no idea what I was doing at the time, but I was committed & I was gonna do it. I embraced Fitness wholeheartedly from moment on. After I had lost 30 lbs or so, I decided to take a Mixed Martial Arts class at a local gym, it was something I had always wanted to do and finally, I was ready. I loved it and dedicated the next 10 years to training full time Mixed Martial Arts. My broad spectrum of MMA training included Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do, Filipino Kali, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. It was intense training that included Boxing, Thai Kickboxing, kali weapons, brazilian Jiu Jitsu, as well as Wing Chun. I became an instructor and coach and have taught privately and in group sessions. "Attaining a Blue Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and training with Royler Gracie were inspiring moments." Philosophy I experienced from Martial Arts that disipline, focus, and attention is critical to results. Training for me is mental, and aesthetics is what happens after, it’s a side effect of dedication. So if you have an hour, a half hour, 2-4 times a week, to exercise, be dedicated and committed to that time, and I guarantee you will get results! “Martial Arts has laid an awesome foundation for me on many levels and I enjoy being able to pass that on to my clients in a way that fits them & their individual goals. Translating the training principles of discipline, focus, and self awareness to an enhanced level of fitness.” Featured in Shape Magazine April 2011 Featured in OXYGEN FITNESS MAGAZINE June & October 2009 Placed 5th in Fitness Figure @ Sandra Wickham Fall Classic 2009 Certificate in Natural Health/ Alive Academy of Natural Health
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